How to use Google for searching our personal stuff

Google is always smart and makes our life simpler. We know how to search in Google for getting information from the public world but don’t know how to use it for getting our own stuff. In this article, we will see how to effectively use Google to search our personal stuff like Reminder, Calendar, Train, Flights, Events, etc

Before that please sign in to your google account and try the below keywords.

Login to your account :

To enjoy Google’s Personal search results, first login to your Google account

Search Bills

Just type ‘my Bills’ in Google and bills will be listed

Never miss my bill date

Search Events

Just type ‘my Events’ in Google and bills will be listed

No need calendar to view my upcoming events

Search Flights Reservations

Never miss my flights and say bye to search in each mail

Search Train Reservations

Easy track of booked train details in ARP period

Search Packages

Find your past and coming packages/purchases

Search Personal stuff

Find only on your personal stuff

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