How to test High Sierra Kernel Extensions blocked behavior for second time

Recently Apple made some changes to the Kernel Extension Loading part on the High Sierra 10.13. The newly introduced a new feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions at the first time. So developers who work kernel extension loading part for their application facing some issues. Apple documented the Technical note for this behavior at their site.

In this article try to help developers who want to test the Kernel Extensions Blocking behavior. Because the approval popup will come only at the first time of app installation and it won’t show again for next time installation. If we want to simulate the behavior then need to re-install the Mac OS or should use tricks to delete the user approval entry from the system.

Please follow the steps to reproduce the issue,


1) Boot into System Recovery mode (CMD+R)

2) Click Utilities -> Terminal

3) Enter the command: csrutil disable

4) Reboot the Mac

5) Open the following location in finder: /private/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/

6) Download file and extract it (It is a fresh copy of KextPolicy file)

7) Replace the file KextPolicy file with the attached file. (Before replace, please take a copy of original KextPolicy file)

8) Reboot the Mac into Recovery mode

9) Click Utilities -> Terminal

10) Enter the command: csrutil enable

11) Reboot

Please comment below if you face any problems.

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