How to resolve Drobo Mount failed 5N/5N2/B810N

After a recent firmware update, my Drobo went to mount failed state. I called up customer support and they provided few special firmware and then it got resolved. But it was painful and took longtime to resolve my issue. They provided many builds but it didn’t work for my case. Finally, I opted to copy the data using SSH firmware and apply the force fsck image build.

Drobo Mount Failed

Steps to Resolve Drobo Mount Failed:

  1. If Drobo is mount failed, call the customer support and ask for force fsck build
  2. Install the image using Drobo Dashboard and Reboot the Device
  3. It ran for a long time and Drobo mount failed message appeared in Drobo dashboard
  4. Immediately installed the Drobo 5N 4.1.4 firmware
  5. After a Reboot everything is back to the normal

Go back to 3.5.16 firmware:

There are a lot of issues with Drobo 4.1.x firmware. After updating I cannot open some of the word document, unable to start Drobo Apps , etc. So the best option is to escape these kind of issue is to back up all the data to another hard disk and install 3.5.16 then cleardisk.

  1. Backup the data
  2. Download the 3.5.16 or 4.0.5 ( 5N2) firmware:
    1. 5N => Download
    2. 5N2 => Download
    3. B810N => Download

I hope the above article to help you to resolve the mount failed issue in Drobo. If you need any help, please feel to ask in comment section

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