Workaround for new chrome Duet three button update?

Some days back chrome changed the chrome duet mode design. Previously, it was 5 button style and now it is changed to 3 button style. Most of the users didn’t like the new design because users have to reach their fingers to the top of the screen to access new tab or recent tab options. In this article provides an workaround for chrome’s 3 button style duet option.

What is Chrome Duet  mode?

Chrome duet is a android Google Chrome browser’s feature which provides an option to place the address bar on the bottom of the browser screen. It is very helpful for one handed use. Now a days, android mobile manufacturers launches new phones with larger screens which is very difficult for one handed use. The chrome duet option solves the above problem and users can access all features from bottom the screen. In this article provides workaround or alternative browsers for this problem.


The workaround is to enable chromeDuet with Home-Search-TabSwitcher Variation option and Tab Groups & Table Grid Layout option.

How to enable this option:

  1. Enter the url: chrome://flags
  2. Search Chrome Duet and click enabled Home-Search-TabSwitcher Variation optionchrome duet
  3. Search Tab Groups and click Enabled
  4. Search Duet-TabStrip Integration and click EnabledDuet-Tab-Strip
  5. Search Tab Grid Layout and Click Enabled New Tab Tile
  6. Close and re-launch the browser twice
  7. Now the click the tab switcher and you can access the New tab option as below.

The above option solves the problem but we need the button feature variation back

Alternative Browsers:

The below two browsers provide an option to access most of the control from the bottom of the window.

  1. FireFox Preview
  2. FireFox LiteFirefox_preview

Please try the above browsers and tell your experiences in the comment sections.

Thank You!.

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